About Us

About Us

Intech was established in 2010 as a spin off from parent company Synmosa. Building on the fundamentals in inhalation products from Synmosa Intech has becomea successful player in the field respiratory drug development and now the company is expanding to global markets.


Pressurized metered dose inhalers are a dosage form with high entry barriers in development and a large market size. In 2016 the market was estimated at more than 30 billion USD. Intech has developed the iLEF (inhaled low ethanol formulation) platform and brought already two products: Duasma and Synvent to market. Further Intech has a rich pipeline of more products for US, EU and Asian markets. For example, SYN006 has already entered phase III clinical trials.


Intech has invested more than 80m USD to build a state of the art factory following US FDA and EU GMP standards. This plant with dedicated, specialized equipment, an cutting edge utility system and best in class quality assurance labs will produce respiratory products for global markets.


Intech expects high growth through the international expansion and utilization of its new manufacturing facility and aims to become a Top 10 player in the respiratory field.


A Unique Specialty Pharma Company

Focused on inhalation Medicines: Treatment of Asthma & COPD

High entry barriers: Platform to develoo and produce MDI & DPI products

Large Global Market Size: 30 Billion USD per year and growing

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