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Director of Huayuankou Management Committee led the team members for a visit and an in-depth interview of Dalian Tyre Factory
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On the afternoon of September 4, 2018, Comrade Li Damin, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Huayuankou Management Committee and Director of the Management Committee, led the team members to visit Dalian Tire Factory Co., Ltd. to visit and investigate. Shi Mingqiang, deputy director of the Management Committee, accompanied by leaders, offices, bureaus and other leaders.


Accompanied by Chen Jian, the general manager of the company, Secretary Li Damin and his party first went to the workshop to conduct on-site visits. General Manager Chen Jian introduced the entire production process, technical advantages and production capacity to Secretary Li Damin and his accompanying leaders.


Subsequently, the leaders entered the conference room. General Manager Chen Jian made detailed reports on the employment placement, tax payment, technological innovation, military-civilian integration and market sales of the company over the years. At the same time, the industry situation and domestic and international The characteristics of market sales have expressed their views.


 The leaders gave full affirmation to the development of the company. Li Damin said: As the eldest son, Dalian Tire Factory has done its due diligence and made an indelible contribution to the construction of Huayuankou Economic Zone. It is hoped that the company will continue to exert heat and support the construction of the park. . It also puts forward higher expectations for enterprises to further integrate military and civilian and accelerate the development of enterprises.


General Manager Chen Jian stated on the spot: As the eldest son of Huayuankou Economic Zone, Dalun Company is in the heart of the heart, and is committed to innovation and practice. The company will work hard to prove that Huayuan is manufactured with high-quality products and rewards the government with excellent results. The trust and support will create a better investment and business environment for Huayuankou.

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