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Leaders of the Dalian Municipal Tax Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation visited Dalian Tyre Factory Co., Ltd.
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On October 23, 2018, Comrade Zhao Fuzeng, director of the Dalian Municipal Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation, led a team to visit Dalian Tire Factory Co., Ltd. to visit and investigate, and Cheng Li, director of the Taxation Bureau of Dalian Huayuankou Economic Zone, accompanied the company.


Chen Jian, President of Dalian Tire Factory Co., Ltd. gave a detailed report on the company's development history, production technology, technological innovation, military-civilian integration, scientific management, employee welfare treatment, corporate culture and other comrades to Director Zhao Fuzeng and accompanying leading comrades.


Director Zhao Fuzeng acknowledged the contribution made by Dalian Tire Factory in taxation, scientific management, resettlement and employment, and promotion of military and civilian integration in Dalian. It is hoped that Dalian Tire Factory will promote intelligent manufacturing and accelerate equipment upgrading on the existing basis. Participate in the integration of military and civilian construction, develop more excellent products, and make greater contributions to the development of social economy. At the same time, it is said that the Dalian Municipal Taxation Bureau will always pay attention to the development of the big wheel and provide the services and assistance for outstanding private enterprises.


President Chen Jian expressed his sincere gratitude to the leaders of the tax bureaus at the city and district levels. Dalian Tire Factory always keeps in mind the corporate mission: Seiko has a good quality and is responsible. We will provide customers with the best quality service with quality tires, and give full play to the obligations and contributions of private enterprises in social and economic development.

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